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Your DVD tutorials Are The Best Thing Available

 I’ve purchased many DVD programs from your top 3 competitors.. My personal favorites are EOG and Contemporary Chord Finder. Another thing I like about your site is, you continue to upload songs that used the chords based on the Contemporary Chord Finder. Those examples/songs are good practice for use to see how the big boys figure out songs from audio tracks. You’re truly a Blessing to those who are interested in learning piano/keyboard.                    D. Ingram

Lots Of Theory

 which helps you understand the “why” of what you are doing…. Better than any other Gospel training I’ve seen on-line. Thanks Greg!                                                                                                    M. Rowe

Greg You Are A Master Teacher

 You put so much in what you do for others to learn. I am thankful. You give all the tools needed to be a great musician. As they say you “put your foot” in teaching. Take Me To The king; it is just wonderful. Thanks for having tutorials that people can afford. I believe I speak for others that can’t afford expensive tutorials, but now we can. Blessings upon your life. You are great in all God’s ways. Thanks.            Marion

Excellent Instruction By an Excellent Instructor 

As everyone knows there are lots of music educational instructional lessons posted on YouTube and most of them are very informative musically. I have to say Greg Hannon’s Contemporary keyboard harmony 1 DVD course is “One of the Best”. If you’re just beginning your music education journey or even if you’ve been studying for a while, there’s always something to learn and this course is an excellent one to own. I’m very happy that I purchased it and I’m looking forward to purchasing more lesson videos from Mr. Hannon.     T Sweet


Wow Is All I Can Say

When I found Greg on YouTube and began to read up on his teaching, I decided to take the plunge and order the Ultimate Trio. Wow is all I can say! After practicing for hours over several days I am playing worship chords I thought I could never play. I had completely run out my C2 2nd inversions and had hit a road block until now. I will be ordering the contemporary keyboard harmony for myself and my daughter to get a good solid foundation so that we can glorify the Lord with the chords from heaven. Thank you Greg, it was worth every penny! Blessings                                                                 K Hoy 

This Is The Way To Get To The Next Level

 These lessons can boost your learning curve by 1000%. Quick and easy to follow instructions…This is the way to get to the level.                 J Baird

This Is A Blessings Of Astronomical Proportions

Greg, your learning program is great! I live by it and have an excitement about playing that I have never had in my life. The opportunities are pouring in as a result, and all glory goes to God and his angels on earth who represent Him like you! This is a blessing of astronomical proportions and it is ONLY possible because of your fantastic learning system. Thanks a million!! And God Bless                                                                                                     E Caradine

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I'm glad you finally discovered my website. Now you want to know more about me and how I can transform your playing and supercharge your ear. I'n the recognized leader in contemporary music education. I've taught thousands of musicians all over the world how to play piano by ear.

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