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Learning piano doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating. A piano tutorial will provide a quick and easy solution for learning your favorite songs. Before the piano tutorial was available, music students would spend years taking expensive piano lessons and never learn to play their favorite songs. That’s not the case anymore. The piano tutorial  will give you a chord by chord and a note by note approach for learning songs. You don’t have to spend hours learning a boring traditional piano method that only teaches you how to play beginning classical piano.

With a piano tutorial, you have the flexibility to pick and choose what songs you want to learn. If you want to lean pop music songs, a piano tutorial will teach you pop songs. If you want to play R&B or gospel songs, then a piano tutorial willpiano tutorial only focus on gospel and R&B. In other words you learn what you want, how you want, and when you want. The piano tutorial is absolutely the best solution for the musician who wants to decide what songs they want to play.  Don’t limit yourself to some stuffy old music teacher that can only read music. Many of them have no clue how to teach you to transcribe songs by ear, write, arrange and compose music.

The best thing about the piano tutorial is that they are all available as video piano tutorial lessons. You can certainly download any or your favorite song in a high definition video download. At we go a step further. All of our piano tutorial lessons are produced using the best video technology available. Most piano tutorial just displays some guy’s hand at the piano. The problem with this is that, no matter how close they zoom into the piano, it’s very difficult to determine what notes he’s playing.

Free Piano TutorialThe piano tutorial at uses a virtual keyboard. Not only does the piano tutorial display the keys in color, it also displays the letter names of the notes above the keys. No more guessing what notes are being played. Our piano tutorial leaves nothing to the imagination so you can get on about the business of learning songs the way they were meant to be played. This way you’re not wasting your time and you’re learning to the style of music you enjoy.

Perhaps the most significant difference between our piano tutorial the piano tutorial of our competitors is that I’m not just a musician. I’m a music educator with a Master’s of Music degree from a major university. There is a difference! Whether is pop, gospel, Jazz or Contemporary Christian, The GiftedPlayer piano tutorial is second to none. Join me and find out why over 7000 musicians, singers, and song writer from around the world use my piano tutorial every day and are now realizing their dream using the piano tutorial at

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