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You deserve to play piano by ear … that’s having the ability to listen to any song from an audio track and instantly play it with 100% accuracy.

Playing piano by ear also gives you the advantage to write and compose music, improvise and play all those fancy licks and runs as you desire and totally without sheet music.

That’s where I come in!

  • If you’ve taken piano lessons and can only read sheet music…
  • If you find it impossible to learn songs from a recording…
  • If you feel embarrassed because you can keep up with the latest songs…
  • If you wasted time and money buying online DVD’s that don’t work …
  • If you resulted to YouTube hoping to find your favorite song..
  • If you’re frustrated and at the point of giving up.

 I’ve help thousands. Read this page to learn more about how I can transform your playing and give you the creative edge that the pros used every day.

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I’m Not Just A Musician I’m an Educator With A
Masters Degree In Music

When you’d tap into my expertise you’ll get instant clear precise instruction you can use to gain clarity and understanding. Finally gain knowledge that until now was only shared among privileged musicians.  Together we’ll re-purpose your focus and take your playing to the next level. I’ll take all the mystery out of playing piano by ear and simply provide clear methodical teaching based on the principles of music theory that until now were not even taught by music educators. Click the following link and  Get Started Today  with me.

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The Struggle Is Over…..

If you’re ready to transform your playing and move to the next level…
ready to make a bigger impact on your audience, creativity and your overall sound?

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Learn more about how I can transform
r playing and have you playing like the pros

Whether you’re a pop, gospel, jazz or contemporary Christian musician, the principle of playing piano by ear have always been the same.

Sadly most piano teachers only teach what they know. This mostly includes reading sheet music and playing classical repertoire and nothing in between.

Why traditional piano method has its benefits, it’s only one dimensional in its approach and won’t teach you to play by ear.

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What they don’t understand

The truth of the matter is every piece of classical literature, and every song printed on sheet music was created, written and composed by ear before it was ever transcribed on paper.

In other words if great song writers and composers never wrote music on paper the sheet music industry would never exist and traditional piano method would never happen.

Imagine a bunch of music students without sheet music. It would be disaster.

  • It you’re taken traditional piano lessons for years and struggle to play jazz, pop, gospel, worship piano and R&B.
  • If you never learned how to write songs and improvise
  • if you struggle to listen to a song and figure out the chords
  • If you can read music and never discovered how to play by ear.

or even get stressed-out if a singer walks out on stage and you’re the only musician in the building and you’re ask you to accompany, but you don’t know the song and the sheet music doesn’t exist.

I Can Definitely Help

I have students all over the world to prove it. I’m the leading authority in contemporary music education and have taught thousands of students just like you to play piano by ear with prove 100% results.

So What Are You Waiting For

Just to say thank you for visiting my website today, I want to give you 4 of my favorite piano by ear video lesson tutorials. – ABSOLUTELY FREE –

These lessons contain 4 must-know piano by ear secrets used by top musicians every day, and only available at “GiftedPlayer Piano Lessons By Ear.”

Lesson #1 – Find The Key of A Song ( by using your ear)
Lesson #2 – Apply The Major Scale  ( the chord number system)
Lesson #3 – Hearing The Bass Line  (the power to playing by ear)
Lesson #4 – Using Diatonic Chord (the secret pros refuse to share)

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