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I’m Glad You Finally Discovered My Website

Now you want to know what makes me different from all the other musicians on the internet promising to how to play piano by ear, and how can I transform your piano/keyboard skills and supercharge your ear.

My Guess Is That You’ve Been Playing For Quit Sometime

You may have taking piano lessons for years from every musician and piano teacher you could find. You may even be one of thousands who have exhausted many hours searching the internet look for chords to a song of even a new “run or fill’ to add to your music. Or maybe you are looking for easy songs to play on piano.

You’ve Spent Hundreds Of Dollars Ordering Instructional Books And DVD’s

only to find yourself more frustrated and disappointed because it was a waste of your time and money. You’ve even considered giving up, feeling as if you may not have what it takes. Despite all your hard work, your progress is painfully slow and you don’t play the way you would like.

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First And Foremost I Am Not Just A Musician.

I’m a contemporary music educator, and the ONLY online music teacher with a Master of Music degree specializing in Pop, Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Neosoul and Contemporary Christian music. I’m rated the best piano teacher for online studies. In other words I’m a trained music educator first, and a seasoned musician second. There is a difference.

Students have described my teaching method as a mix of practical innovative solutions that they were never taught by their music teacher. No musician ever shared this information. This information was not available on YouTube or on a DVD. Students who’ve never played on a stage or at church or in the studio are now finally learning to write music, improvise and play piano by ear with amazing results.  

Fact is, a truly successful musician is one that’s able to walk into a studio, listen to a song they’ve never heard an instantly play is for the first time as if they’ve always known it.Or better yet, walk into a rehearsal setting a sit at the piano or organ and blow their audience away with the ability to instantly transcribe and ply any song by ear.

Whether it’s, Gospel, Jazz, Pop, R&B or Contemporary Christian, The resources a “Gifted Player Piano Lessons By Ear” will transform your ear and take you playing to the next level.Get Started today by entering you first name and email address on the sign up box on the right. It’s absolutely free to get started – Together we will learn the so-called secrets that musician refuse to share and I’ll see you on stage.



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I'm glad you finally discovered my website. Now you want to know more about me and how I can transform your playing and supercharge your ear. I'n the recognized leader in contemporary music education. I've taught thousands of musicians all over the world how to play piano by ear.

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