7 Ways To Avoid Stage Fright

Posted on 17. Sep, 2013 by in Ask Greg

Overcoming Stage Fright


My question is about stage fright and how to overcome it when you play.  I can practice a piece until I know it backwards and forwards.  Then when it’s time to play it during service sometimes I draw a blank and can’t access the information I’ve practiced over and over again.

 Is there an exercise or a specific practice regimen that can help me overcome this? Or is it a physiological problem that I’ll just have to overcome with time?


Many musicians suffer from stage fright for many reasons. The only time I get uncomfortable on stage is when a component of the music is missing, or I have not 100% thoroughly prepared. There is a difference in knowing a song and really being prepared to play a song without mistakes. Here are some of the things I do to overcome the anxiety of stage fright

1) Write out your song list of the music you will be playing.

2) Arrive to the gig relaxed and unrushed.

3) Pray with your group and remind them of the song selections

4) Separate yourself from any pre-gig activities for a period of self-meditation to focus on musical mastery.

5) Always pray before you play.

6) Play instrumental preludes before the service to set the atmosphere.


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