Best Ways To Modulate Keys (Part 2)

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In regards to the modulation answer that was given to Bro. Walker… He asked what transition chord to use when going from one key to another.Your answer was use the pivot chord (which is the dominant chord (V) for that key) the example you gave was a modulation from

C to Db.  The “V” chord of Db flat is Ab and you used the Ab11 chord as the pivot chord.

My question is:   Can you use the basic Ab major chord to make the transition? If a person only plays basic chords,  I fell as if the V11 Chord would be hard on the ears.


My concept in teaching is geared toward a contemporary sound. That’s why I use the Ab11 in the example. The answer to your question would be yes! You can use the Ab major chord if you’re using non-contemporary chords. However, even with that scenario I would use an Ab7 chord as the pivot chord. (Ab/Gb Ab C Eb).

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